How to choose a suitable rubber keychains custom manufacturer?


Published by Welcome to Yixing (HongKong) Industrial Co.,Ltd January 13,2022

How to choose a suitable rubber keychains custom manufacturer?
No matter how people do things, there will be good and bad, this is normal. Just like we choose a good factory, it is very important to choose the right manufacturer according to the needs of our orders. Not all products are as expensive as possible, but sometimes the customer's requirements are not as expected. If we press the price of a very low order, there is no way to produce it. So how do you choose a suitable PVC keychain manufacturer? This is very important.
 rubber keychains customrubber keychains custom
1. Find out what kind of products customers want to make, like rubber keychains custom, type: single-sided, double-sided; Process: ink-filled, silk screen,embossed with printed and debossed, etc.Not all process plants can produce, and sometimes also the conditions of the surrounding suppliers.
2, Look at the specific rubber keychains custom cost requirements, sometimes customers have a budget for the cost of the product, if the price is about US$0.5, we try to recommend the practice according to the process that this unit price can achieve.
3, Look at the quality requirements of the customer's products, some in order to save costs may use ordinary rubber /silicone materials, which we often say non-environmental raw materials, but at present we only do environmentally friendly materials. So our positioning is to be a mid-range product.
4, the assembly and packaging requirements of the guests, some of the customers to locate the promotional gifts, we often use the market on the accessories, as far as possible to keep the cost to a minimum. There is also a difference between giving away and selling concepts, and products that are often retailed on the market require slightly higher-end packaging.

rubber keychains customrubber keychains custom

   Don't underestimate the simple rubber Epoxy product. The history of this Epoxy has evolved to the present stage after several stages. Many factories that are used to mechanized processes feel that rubber factories are some of the original production tools. The following key chain manufacturers will take you to understand the development process of epoxy technology:

  The initial production of rubber products is to use a soft plastic pot, which contains color, and then install a small needle on the pot, but this method can not make finer fine strips, and the output of the product is very low, which has become a past, now This production method is basically invisible.

   In the past two years, air compressors have been popularly used to control the air pressure through a pneumatic solenoid valve to push the syringe and inject rubber raw materials. Nowadays, many factories use this method. Of course, this requires the skill of dispensing to operate.

   At present, it is a relatively high-tech fine point machine, also known as a fully automatic dispenser. It can replace the dispensing process with a machine. This method further promotes the development of the epoxy industry, not only high output, but also The unit price of expensive epoxy products has dropped.

   I did not expect a small rubber Epoxy gift industry, but also have their own development history!custom keychain and lanyards

Our company is a manufacturer with 13 years of experience in producing lanyards and keychains. In addition to the custom-made silicone/rubber keychains, we also produce metal keychains, textile key ring, carabiner keychain and various custom lanyards.

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