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Published by Yixing (HongKong) Industrial Co., Ltd June 30,2019

When many companies do activities, they will choose to give customers some small promotional gifts. Of course, the purpose of giving gifts is to let customers remember which company to send, and ultimately achieve the effect of advertising. Today, Xiaobian and everyone discuss the role of promotional gifts:custom rubber keychains
1. Promote and enhance corporate visibility
 Often promotional gifts are specially designed and carefully designed by the company. Of course, it is not a high-end, expensive product, because companies must also consider the cost of doing activities. If you don't want a big event, if you send hundreds of millions, it is impossible for many SMEs. For example, many companies will do some Epoxy custom rubber keychains, id card holder, custom lanyard keychain, and the price is relatively cheap, and can also do LOGO QR code.
2. Let customers know about a product
 For example, at the exhibition, the company is exhibiting. Often, some companies place their company's latest products, and there are so many products at the show, in order to let customers remember their company's products. Many companies choose to do some of the product's reduced version of the promotional gift, and print the phone, company name or company logo on the product, etc.
3. To provide customers with some convenience while advertising 
There are a lot of online stores. When the physical store sells some of the most popular products, it will do some promotion in order to cooperate with the sales. For example, there are common gifts for buying and sending something. What is most exemplified is that we buy things in online stores or physical stores. For example, if we buy a mobile phone, the store will send mobile phone sets of mobile power or something. Of course, some gifts will have the seller's contact information, that is, when the buyer is using the product, or when it is convenient, he thinks of where to buy the product, so as to achieve a certain propaganda effect.

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