Such a beautiful keychain makes people love and hate!

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    Published by Welcome to Yixing (HongKong) Industrial Co.,Ltd May 10,2024

    If you are a designer, then lines like "Tune a little bit here", "Help me change the last time" and so on will surely make you hear nightmares every day! There are more than a dozen versions of the same case in the computer folder, which makes people want to cry.
    However, recently, a popular brand, creativkeys, specifically stepped on the pain points of designers, and launched a series of key rings designed with the file name "Adobe"



    PhotoShop Keychain


    There is also the PhotoShop crash warning, which immediately caused heart attacks every time I watched it, especially at the end of the year, it made people want to resign immediately...

    Do you designers immediately want to group buy this series of key rings and hang them on the company's induction magnetic buckle to express your mood?


    Premiere Pro Keychain

    Indisign Keychain

    After Effects Keychain

    Creativkeys launched transparent keychains with Adobe design software as the theme, including the well-known Adobe Photoshop and Premiere Pro, and animation design software such as Illustrator, After Effects, Indisign, Dreamweaver, covering various design categories.


    Illustrator Keychain


    Dreamweaver Keychain

    The keychain is modeled after Adobe's software logo, but the reason that attracts buyers is not just the familiar logo, but the "death" file name on the keychain.

    For example, write "FINALFINAL", "final_35", "test32" and "new3 final finalest final fffuuu_v2.4", etc., reflecting the situation of unlimited revisions requested by the boss and customers on weekdays.




    There is also the screen that designers are most afraid of seeing, that is, the "unresponsive" window of the program. If it becomes a keychain and carried with you, will it become a trendy thing to "shield away evil"?

    Not only that, this company even does not let go of Microsoft Office, even ordinary office workers can not escape the fate of "modify and modify"...


    microsoft office Keychain



    In addition to "final and final", the file names have more designer voices, such as "Why is it so slow?", "Please don't crash anymore", etc. All the designers usually "have blood" but all of a sudden it was in vain. The miserable work situation.

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