What would you choose as your business gift?


Published by Yixing (HongKong) Industrial Co., Ltd July 22,2019

What would you choose as your business souvenir? Many companies will be very distressed to choose what to do as a small gift for their company exhibitions, investment conferences, and trading meetings. Souvenirs such as bags, hats, clothes, flowers, etc. are costly and not practical.
So I think the choice is relatively practical, and the price is relatively cheap, there is no need to distinguish between male and female gifts. Such as personalized water cups, mobile phone cases, USB flash disk, bag hangers, make your own lanyard and embroidered keychains. bag hangers

The reasons for choosing these advantages are:
1) The price is relatively cheap, will not say that the big bribe was investigated;
2) Because you can display your own business ads and logos.
3) Convenient transportation, small footprint.
4) Because it is very practical, it is very likely to be used by customers, and it may take a long time.
5) The current technology is more developed, a small mobile phone shell lanyard can be 3D, lanyard keychain is very popular, like printing super cute logo, transparent effect bead crystal, bling bling effect and other styles, super trend And fashion.

  With the rapid development of technology, the gift industry is becoming more and more complex and diversified, and the process effect is getting better and better. It can meet the requirements of more and more customers for the custom effect of gifts, and the development trend of souvenirs is becoming more and more obvious.
There are more and more lanyard styles, and there are three common types of lanyard printing: thermal transfer printing, silk screen printing and jacquard printing. More about the keychain. Metal keychain, silicone keychain, woven keychain and embroidered keychains.
Lanyards and keychains are increasingly becoming one of the most commonly used decorations for clothing, bags, mobile phones and other supplies. The lanyard or keychain needs to be an ideal product that meets the design requirements. In addition to the choice of materials and pigments, more and more lanyard or keychain patterns are now required to be multi-color and color-customized. The multicolor and color process of the lanyard is to print multiple colors in the same or different process in the desired logo position to achieve multi-color and color effects. The multi-color of the textile keychain is a logo that is woven or embroidered.

embroidered keychains
 Many companies will worry about their company's lack of exquisite documents, and the school is also troubled by the lack of suitable hang-ups for their documents. If you are also one of the troubles for this lanyard and documents, I can tell you very responsibly, now what style of id lanyard, mobile phone lanyard and make your own lanyard for gift you want is no problem, you can directly Customized, you can create your own drawings for the manufacturer to create, what you want. Or if you have any ideas, you can tell the manufacturer the requirements and let them help with the design. Want to order exclusive, distinctive belts, welcome to our official website, or please contact Yixing lanyard factory.

make your own lanyardembroidered keychains
The emergence of make your own lanyard and embroidered keychains has brought a lot of convenience to our lives. Many people may think that these are small objects, ignoring their existence. But I want to say: No. The lanyard and keychain look small. In fact, they have given us a lot of help in life, but we have not taken it to heart. With a little attention, you can see that the benefits they bring us are endless! For example, these lanyard keychains form a wide variety of styles due to the combination of craftsmanship and materials. If used on bags, clothes, phones and shoes, you will find these super nice looks. Just like a woman wearing a necklace, earrings, bags, clothes, mobile phones, shoes, etc., the same thing, because of the decorations, can form their own unique style.

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