How to customize your own personalized gift-seat belt keychain?


Published by Yixing (HongKong) Industrial Co., Ltd July 08,2019

If you are an airline and need to customize a souvenir gift, or a gift with an individual representing the airline, consider customizing a mini seat belt keychain and customizing a logo belonging to your own company. Above,Inspiration for the design of the aircraft seat belt .
The aircraft rides on a safety buckle, so it is mainly designed with a solid metal buckle that highlights the aviation elements. The material is made of metal, such as iron and aerospace aluminum. The matte touch can be turned on and off like an airplane seat belt. The webbing connected by the puller can be changed differently, so the effect style that can be presented is different. And the metal keychain fittings are connected with a leather webbing, which is very nice and meaningful. Top aircraft belt, you need to touch and feel it.

seat belt keychain

The seat belt keychain is mainly divided into two parts:
Metal safety seat belt buckle part:
1. Material: Iron material (conventional) If you do not consider the budget, you can consider high quality aviation aluminum.
Color: The regular color is mainly silver, and can also be customized in various colors, such as: rose gold, gold, yellow, black and green bronze
Metal safety buckle size: 3 x 3cm (can be customized, but the order quantity will be different)
Surface treatment: polished chrome, very smooth surface (for plating, engraving, embossing and laser)
Logo: laser or silk screen logo (regular custom logo is custom printed logo laser)

Ribbon section:
Size: about 4.5 x 1.5 or 2 cm (other sizes can be selected)
Material: polyester (or nylon)
Logo Printing: screen printing, jacquard printing
Color: customized according to Pantone color card color

The following 4 models are our best-selling custom keychains.
1. Silver buckle with blue webbing puller, this is the most common color. If you just need a quote and don't provide any information that needs to be customized, the classic blue ribbon and silver button keychain will be used as a quote.

seat belt keychain

2. The yellow buckle and the yellow ribbon puller (or the side green and red matching puller) are generally yellow, full of hope and vitality. .

seat belt keychain
3. Rose gold buckle and red ribbon puller. It is a very fashionable and beautiful pink rose color, which can make full use of complex and exquisite design ideas. From her romantic name alone, it can lead to countless wonderful associations.

seat belt keychain
4. Red seat belt buckle and red ribbon puller, the buckle can be the entire custom red, or you can only customize the red surface flap. Similar to remove before fight design can be considered in the logo style, white as the logo, the background color as the belt keychain

Of course, if you are interested in our aircraft buckle keychain, we can provide a free design draft. These aircraft keychains are not only used as keychains, but can also be used on lanyard webbing. The custom logo on the lanyard webbing can be more abundant. Because the webbing is longer, and the customizable logo design is more space.

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