mobile phone lanyard


Published by Welcome to Yixing (HongKong) Industrial Co.,Ltd December 06,2022

With the general increase in the number of mobile phone use, mobile phone replacement is also frequent, this is why? is mobile phone update fast? Want to change mobile phone, or mobile phone crash screen, ugly, have to change the phone. A mobile phone, bought back less than one weeks, less than one months may have broken the screen, the new mobile phone to become broken cell phone. In fact, because the mobile phone is too much, accompanied by the protection of the phone on the way, paste tempered glass film, cell phone shell, cell phone lanyard and so on. Because the glass film can only be simple, simple and simple. Mobile phone shell, mobile phone lanyard on a variety of. Mobile phone shell of the variety, we all understand. So today Xiao Bian said mobile phone lanyard.

The purpose of mobile phone lanyard is to make more use of mobile phone users really reduce the fragmentation of the moment, that is, practicality, security, but in addition to this also need beauty-better show your My mobile features! Therefore, mobile phone lanyard is not only a practical goods, but also as a trend of hanging rope jewelry. and mobile phone lanyard a lot of kinds, many people are difficult to distinguish the type of phone lanyard. Here is a brief description of how to distinguish the phone lanyard: according to the material to distinguish mobile phone lanyard has polyester, silica gel, PVC, nylon, cotton, PU and so on. But the most commonly used is polyester. And the price of pure cotton is low, now more than 80% of cotton lanyard is cotton polyester line or polyester line production, but the real cotton market is very small, and the price is higher.
And according to the mobile phone lanyard technology distinction is the heat transfer, silk screen, jacquard and so on. The pictures are heat transfer phone lanyard, silk screen phone lanyard, jacquard phone lanyard and special zipper phone lanyard.

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