Is there a color and pattern rich, and cheap lanyard?


Published by Welcome to Yixing (HongKong) Industrial Co.,Ltd February 22,2024

Heat transfer process lanyard is the most commonly used, the price is low. And it is not because the price is low, and the general use, but it can have a lot of changes




heat transfer lanyard

what is a heat transfer lanyard keychain?

the heat transfer lanyards are Warp and weft intertwined with each other so that he can make a colorful color, the formation of different patterns, bumps, flowers, birds, fish, insects and beasts and other beautiful patterns, and the size of the same and the ribbon Oh. So the face of such a variety of requirements, it can meet, such as the favorite cartoon patterns, the most beautiful scenery, like idol characters printed on the hanging, plus a variety of small accessories metal hook, inster buckle and safety buckle.To achieve a different purpose. It is because of each modeling design which can be the pursuit of the image, the inherent characteristics, so loved by the masses.