Hello Tomorrow ,hello my dear buyer ,hello our nice friends


Published by Welcome to Yixing (HongKong) Industrial Co.,Ltd February 22,2024

Hello Tomorrow ,hello my dear buyer ,hello our nice friends

Met Mr. Guillaume in August of 2016, that’s sunny day late afternoon

Like normal business talking firstly , he wanted to develop the sublimation logo printing lanyards with two clips , including a solid card holder , after samples before mass production was checked in France , Mr.Guillaume changed the card holder into soft PVC material by horizontal option ,it will be more flexible during use, the logo printings and accessories samples were approved by him on Aug.25th ,just one more requirement that is attaching the pvc card holder on their lanyards together, normally the card holder was supplied to all customers seprately , but we want to support our nice customer for the smooth cooperation beginning ,so the following steps going very smoothly for this project, the total payment was received on Sep.2nd when the proforma invoice including shipping cost was issued and sent to him on Aug.26th , finally they got the bulk goods on Sep.23th ,everything went so smoothly .

lanyardsublimation logo printing lanyards

Based on our professional product quality and service , it was the 3rd year to support their annual global summit event , and now add short wristband projects , their annual summit event become more and more popular in France , and more and more successfully ,yes ,we will go together in the following years until …

see the application photos of the scene in the following from our nice buyer Mr Guillaume :

printing lanyards


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