Do you know that there is such a lanyard keychain? Crystal necklace


Published by Welcome to Yixing (HongKong) Industrial Co.,Ltd May 14,2021

Hey , guys ,you may need to change a crystal chain necklace lanyard for your smart phone

Let’s just leave out the regular tape lanyard keychain from now on , try to change another crystal necklace .

Which was made by hands one ball by one ball , much more flexible for the designs .

Crystal necklaceCrystal necklace

Four points need to use it on your nice phone :

1.Fashion accessories on your garment and Delicated show (especially for Girls) ;

2.Hands-free when you go shopping , walking ,riding ,meeting etc ;

3.Can be used on your usb key ring , keychain,id card holder etc ;

4.Can be worn as wristband ,bling bling and attractive looking like rhinestones ,it was hand- made as what an art was made .

Crystal necklaceCrystal necklace

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