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What's the advantage of hanging bottle opener lanyard around your neck?


Published by Welcome to Yixing (HongKong) Industrial Co.,Ltd April 12,2024

What is the lanyard that we often see in our life? Lanyard belongs to textile accessories. According to length, it can be divided into long lanyard and wristband lanyard. Wristband lanyard is held in hand, and its length is generally between 12.5 and 18 cm. Wrist lanyard is generally used on U disk, radio, MP4, flashlight, toys and so on. Long lanyard, as its name implies, is long enough to hang around the neck. The length of this kind of hanging rope is generally between 40 and 45CM. This kind of long hanging rope is often used as certificate hanging rope, factory brand lanyard , exhibition lanyard, bottle opener lanyard etc. These items need to be hung to the neck, so long hanging rope is needed.

bottle opener

For the customization of long lanyard, we must first know the specifications of the hanging rope, that is, the length and width. Next is the material of the hanging rope, then what accessories to use, and finally the need for printing. If you need to print LOGO, you need to determine logo patterns, colors and other styles. Generally speaking, it can be divided into nylon hanging rope, cotton hanging rope and polyester hanging rope according to different materials. PP hanging rope, etc. For more widely using at home, or party, When you want to drink some beer, some juice, bottle opener lanyard is a good choice. You can take the lanyard to anywhere.  Besides, you can choose the smaller size one, easy to carry-on.

For short lanyard, that is, hand-held ropes, their length is generally determined. These ropes are generally used on small items in life, such as mini-stereos, mobile phones, flashlights, ballpoint pens, etc., which are easy to lose and miss. There is usually a hole on the top of these items to facilitate the wearing of ropes. So what? Because the material of hanging rope is soft and can't pass through small holes, it can't pass through by hanging rope alone. There will be a small hole above the phone. Put the thin side of the hanging rope into the small hole and then pass the wide end of the hanging rope through the middle of the thin rope, and then pull the hanging rope tightly to hang the neck again. It's on. You can't wear hard plastic threads that can be tagged with that string of clothes. Specifically, the hanging rope is first lifted with plastic thread (that is, through the hanging rope), and then the two ends of the plastic thread are pulled out through the hole of the mobile phone together.

bottle opener lanyard

One of my American customer bought bottle opener lanyard from us last year. Actually, he bought from HongKong before, but the price is much expensive. he found us from our website,  and he is crazy about supreme logo lanyard. We indeed work with him very happily. 

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