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What skills should you have as a lanyard salesman?


Published by Welcome to Yixing (HongKong) Industrial Co.,Ltd April 12,2024

Lanyard is one of our company's main products, and usually for lanyard product customers are to customize logo on it.Of course, our company also has a dedicated designer to help customers do lanyard design drawings, this service is free of charge.

As a foreign trade salesman, you should have one of the skills: drawing a design.

In my recent work, I have deeply realized the importance of the skill of designing drawings for lanyard. Why do I say that? That's starting with a recent customer who bought a short lanyard.

This is actually an April inquiry. After quoting the price to the customer, the customer never responded and I did not follow up with him. One day in July, the customer suddenly responded to me and asked me to quote him the freight. He was going to decide to buy it. Of course, after a lot of bargaining at the beginning, finally we determined the transaction price  with the customer.. Then the next step is to ask the customer for logo documents to confirm the design draft. Customers sent logo to us soon, but customers only have simple picture files, making design manuscripts is  the most convenient PDF or AI documents.

There are four logos of customers, and the customers are not sure how to arrange the three logos. We can only understand them by ourselves. In fact, at the beginning, the customers only sent me three logos. I let our designers make the design draft for the customers according to my own understanding as follows:

After sending it to the customer, the customer said no white background, and then changed it to this way.

wrist lanyard

Customers also said that this is not good-looking, the first one is better. (I thought, ah, it's OK to let customers pay to start production.)

But I am wrong. At this time, the customer told me that he still has another logo. Let me add it.  The original design has to be modified again. Yes, as a salesman, customer is first, We must modify the design until the customer is satisfied. Then the design drawings become like this:wrist lanyard

Because there are four logos, I am not sure whether the customers like this arrangement and combination, so I asked the designer to make an alternative plan, the design is as follows:

wrist lanyard
Send these two designs to the customer to choose, the customer chose the last design.

This customer is not the first, of course, not the last customer with more requirements, and naturally there are some difficulties in the process of modifying the design. After all, the designer of the company does not serve me alone, but it must be modified to satisfy the customers in order to produce. So at this time, it reflects the importance of drawing design skills. If you can use the drawing software yourself, you can modify the design according to the customer's intention, which can be done in minutes. But if I keep asking the designer to help you modify the design, I'm a little upset myself.

So, after this incident, I secretly learned a little drawing skills with the designer, and later I can handle this little thing of lanyard design by myself, which is convenient and fast.

So, after this, I learned a little drawing skills with the designer secretly. (Of course, if I encounter a more complex design, I still need the help of a professional designer.) Later, I can handle the small things of the rope design by myself, which is convenient and fast. In this way, you can better serve customers, but also reflect the professionalism of a salesman.

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