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A Souvenir Lanyard for Cruise Guru Australia


Published by Welcome to Yixing (HongKong) Industrial Co.,Ltd June 26,2023

This is the first lanyard that we make for a International Travel Corporation. Cruise Guru is one the famous travel agency in Australia, who provide support and service for people who want to experience a international travel. We met Mr. Kate the manager of Cruise Guru on Alibaba in 2016, the summer. Mr. Kate is very friendly, after a few minutes we communicated on the Aliwangwang, he left me the email id, and ask his colleagues to contact us for discuss more details about the lanyard.

They send us the a artwork with the Cruise Guru logo and some text on a straight ribbon. At the beginning, the client expect to make a double layers lanyard with satin on the surface and polyester tape as the inner layer, because according to the design, the ribbon part will be a dark grey stripe in the middle, and red stripes in both edges. On the dark grey part, there will be white silkscreen printing logo.

The problem is the client do not have enough budget for this project. To help the client make a lanyard follow his design, but the cost cannot be too much, we suggest them do a sublimation printed polyester lanyard. The sublimation printing can print the grey and red stripes with the logo and text all together on the lanyard only one  time. It is efficient and cheaper.

Even though, the client decided to make a few samples firstly. To avoid there is any doubt, we made 2 types sample lanyards for the client. One is follow their original idea, double layers lanyard with silkscreen printed logo; the other one is the sublimation printed polyester lanyard. Ten days later, the client get the samples in hands, they are appreciated and satisfied that we willing to do 2 types lanyard for their comparison. Not a long time, they back to us with the confirmation that they finally chosen the sublimation printed lanyard. Not because of the cheaper price, but also the good printing technique. The other reason is the double layers lanyard touches very thickness, and not comfortable as what they though.

About 2 weeks later, we finished all  the production for the lanyards, and the goods reach Cruise Guru well a month later. Even today, this lanyard still work well. Not their employees, but also many of the tourists have highly comment on this lanyard. Now, it can be expected that we will support Cruise Guru again, not too long in the future!

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