What kinds of dog leashes are there


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For owners who have to take their dogs out for a walk every day, it is necessary to choose a suitable size leash for the dog for safety reasons. However, there are too many types of dog leashes in the pet market. For dogs of different breeds, different hair qualities, different personalities, and different body sizes, the choice of a leash is also particular. So how to choose a leash suitable for your own dog, please see the introduction below.

Dog leash

1, dog collar

There are leather, nylon, and iron collars. Choose a collar of the right length for the dog according to the width of the dog’s neck. The collar should be comfortable for the dog and not clamp the fur. The collar should not be buckled too tightly, and it should be easy to insert two fingers after buckling the collar. The puppies should remove their collars when unattended to avoid being caught by other things and causing suffocation. Long-haired dogs are best not to wear a collar for a long time, lest the hair on the neck part is compacted, losing the original rich feeling and affecting the beauty.

2, chest-back dog leash

The chest-back dog chain is designed to be more humane, avoiding the trouble of the dog fading out of the collar, and it is also the most common and most used type by dog ​​owners. Its chest and back design also makes it easier for the owner to control the dog. Therefore, the chest-back dog chain is a kind of dog chain suitable for all dogs.

3, short band

is generally used with a collar or chest-back dog chain to let the dog walk around and better control the dog. It is more suitable for some large dogs and bad-tempered dogs, but at the same time, it also requires the owner to have very good control over the dog and will not be led by the dog.

4, iron chain (P chain)

P-shaped chain is divided into thickness, you can choose the appropriate wear according to the dog's body shape, the most important thing to use P-shaped chain is the correct way of wearing. If the person is on the right and the dog is on the left, the chain must be in the shape of "p" when you help the dog to wear it, so that the direction of force is correct; if it is in the shape of "mouth", the direction is complete Wrong, as soon as you pull it, the dog’s neck will be tied to death, improper use, and even injury to the dog’s trachea. Of course, if the person is on the left and the dog is on the right, it must be worn backwards, in the shape of "q". In addition to the correct direction of the chain and the correct position of the dog, the household character chain must always pay attention to the lubricity of the chain, otherwise it is easy to hurt the dog.

5, headcollar accompanying belt

comes from the horse's bridle, a dog chain that can better control the dog. The direction of the dog's movement is basically determined by the direction of the head. The headcollar accompanying belt controls the dog's behavior by changing the direction of the dog's head. It only needs gentle force to prevent the dog from flying forward. When wearing, pay attention to the position of the neck buckle should be at the base of the lower jaw, not the throat. The dog will be less comfortable with the rope on the nose when it starts to wear, and it will improve quickly through slow training.

6, stretch rope

This is the legendary semi-control collar, which is actually a combination of the collar and the P chain. Control intensity and comfort are also somewhere in between. Choose a collar that suits your dog's characteristics. The retractable leash can be used for large, medium and small dogs. The handle is ergonomic, and it is just right to hold. There is also a control button to decide whether to put a long line, and the function to automatically retract the rope. The invention of this product focuses on the strong nylon rope, which is both thin and resistant to pull. The quality of the telescopic rope is also the key. The key point in purchasing is based on the extension length you need and the weight of the dog breed that you can bear.

7, collar stop barking device

There are two main types, one is the anti-barking collar with an electric discharge device in the collar. When the dog barks, the collar will naturally generate electric current, and the other one is to emit a certain odor that the dog cannot bear. Bark control collar. These all make the dog feel immediately uncomfortable, and the dog will reduce barking.

Dogs are more naughty and will move constantly when wearing a leash. At this time, the owner should not be anxious and can find someone to help. Some dogs also have the habit of biting the leash. The owner should immediately stop and criticize the dog when he sees the dog biting the leash.

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