How to train the dog not to bite the leash

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    Published by Welcome to Yixing (HongKong) Industrial Co.,Ltd December 06,2022

    Many dogs will bite the leash when they wear the leash for the first time. If the owner does not train, the dog will form a habit and feel that the leash can bite at will. For dogs with this bad habit Dogs, we can train dogs through the following methods.


    1. Before wearing the dog leash, you can use the target stick to let the dog learn to go with you.

    2. Order your dog to take the leash when you are ready to go out. Let the dog associate the leash with going for a walk.

    3. If he can look at you while he is accompanying, he has no chance to bite the dog leash again. So you can also train your dog to pay attention to you.

    4. Distract the dog's attention. When you find that the dog wants to bite the rope, train it to do other actions to distract the dog.

    5. Use a stiff dog leash to make the dog feel bad taste and give up biting the leash.

    6. Use bitter apple juice to soak the leash. If it doesn't work, try the bitter bitter orange or pig's fresh bile. Dogs will stay away from unpleasant smells.

    These methods can be used to train the dog not to bite the leash. When the dog owner finds the dog biting the leash, he must stop it in time, let the dog know that this behavior is wrong, give the correct guidance, and slowly get used to it Leash. YYX focuses on the development and production of dog ropes. There are various dog ropes. If you want to purchase dog ropes, please leave a message and we will provide you with a picture album and quotation as soon as possible.

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