The difference between silk-screen lanyard and heat transfer lanyard?


Published by Welcome to Yixing (HongKong) Industrial Co.,Ltd December 06,2022

Silk screen lanyard on the ribbon logo technology production principle is the use of screen printing graphics and text part of the screen through the ink, not the text part of the basic principle of ink screen printing. Because of this principle screen printing and substrate is only mobile line contact, screen printing plate and other parts of the substrate is out of state, so screen printing logo printing will only appear on the surface, will not penetrate into the ribbon. Also really because the screen printing pattern can not be full edge, at least to require the width of each of the 2mm ribbon on both sides. So the width of the pattern, the size is smaller than the ribbon, although the screen printing logo design can not be as rich as heat transfer, flexible, but also can be multicolor or dot gradient printing. Printing adds a color and costs more. (Can be monochrome printing)

The following pictures are silk-screen lanyard:

But the printing effect of the specific heat transfer printing more clear and stereo. At the same time, screen printing to ribbon requirements also specific heat transfer to high. Heat transfer printing of lanyard features is cheap, logo printing can be more rich and flexible.

The following pictures are silk-screen lanyard and heat transfer lanyard:

silk-screen lanyard(1)

heat transfer lanyard