Introduction to the common printing process of ribbon lanyard logo


Published by Yixing (HongKong) Industrial Co., Ltd June 30,2019

1. Screen Printing

Silk printing is the most commonly used method of printing LOGO in the production of lanyard. Usually we use the method of silk-printed LOGO to lanyard of work permit. Silk-printed LOGO is suitable for the production of ribbons without background. The effect of screen printing is simple and clear, LOGO is clear and low cost.

Screen printing lanyard logo is a process in which silk fabrics, synthetic fabrics or metal wire mesh are stretched onto the screen frame, and the screen printing plate is made by hand-engraving paint film or photochemical plate-making. Modern screen printing technology uses photosensitive materials to make screen printing plates by photogrammetry (making the screen holes in the graphic and text parts of screen printing plates as through holes, but not the screen holes in the graphic and text parts are blocked). When printing, the ink is transferred to the substrate through the mesh of the graphic part by the extrusion of the scraper, forming the same picture and text as the original. Screen printing equipment is simple, easy to operate, easy to print and plate making, low cost and strong adaptability.

Screen Printing Lanyard

2.Heat Transfer Printing

Another printing method widely used in certificate lanyard - heat transfer printing! The ribbon produced by heat transfer printing has many colors and gorgeous colors. Suitable for those with color background + LOGO tape! Compared with screen printing, heat transfer cost is higher! In the production of lanyard, it can be selected according to the actual needs.

Transfer printing lanyard logo process is also widely used in gift industry, especially in hanging rope production. This process has low cost and good effect. When printing dot pattern, it has absolute price advantage, and the heat transfer hanging rope is absolutely environmentally friendly, so it is also widely loved by customers and friends.

In the production of heat transfer hanging rope, the embryo belt is generally white, and the whole rope includes the background color and the text pattern are sublimated. Therefore, it provides great convenience for users to design the overall effect of hanging rope. In theory, hanging rope can be made according to any color pattern of customers. In traditional hanging rope silk printing process, customers'patterns and LOGOs are usually printed on the colored ribbons. Most gift manufacturers can only print solid color boards due to cost constraints, which makes it difficult to operate when the number of colors is large, and the finished products are high. And it is easy to offset. Heat transfer does not occur because it is an integral pattern transfer.

Sublimation lanyard

3.Computer Jacquard

Jacquard is also a commonly used method of ribbon lanyard. The biggest difference between jacquard and silk printing Heat Transfer Printing is that it is not a printed matter, but a method of textile. Jacquard lanyard, high-grade, beautiful! Jacquard is an expensive method of making LOGO in lanyard. Customers can choose to use according to actual requirements.

As an important category of sewing equipment industry in our country, embroidery machine industry has developed in the past two years. Computer jacquard machine is the most advanced embroidery machine in the contemporary era. It is a kind of mechanical and electrical crystal reflecting various high and new technologies. It can realize multi-level, multi-function and function that manual embroidery can not achieve.

Computer jacquard lanyard logo is a pattern of different colors woven on the ribbon by yarns of different colors, which is synchronized with the ribbon. Make high-end fashion hanging rope. However, the limitation of computer jacquard is that it is not suitable to make too many complex patterns with too many colors.

jacquard lanyard

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