If your favorite cute lanyard is dirty? What do you do?


Published by Welcome to Yixing (HongKong) Industrial Co.,Ltd July 13,2024

Mobile phone lanyard, for its selection, we also did not pick a single one, but also have a thousand picks, only selected mobile phone lanyard, perhaps because it is cute lanyards, blingbling sparkly lanyards, pretty mobile phone lanyard. Confirmed your eyes and determined that it is right.
If you just bought a new cute lanyard, or if you use the mobile phone lanyard for a long time, it will inevitably not be soiled. If you don’t care if it is dirty, it will be a pity. If it is your favorite lanyard, That's just awful!

cute lanyardcute lanyard

So next, I will introduce some ways to decontaminate mobile phone lanyards.

1, Pen printing: water dissolved in oxalic acid, soaked and washed, can remove traces. Oxalic acid is a weak acid that does not corrode clothing.

2, Red syrup: can be washed first with white vinegar, and then rinsed with water; can also be first wet the red drug water stains, then wash with glycerin, then wash with soapy water.

3, Lipstick: first brush with a small brush gasoline, go to the net grease, then wash with a mild washing solution; if you do not have gasoline can also use bubble-type mineral water or soda for bartending, pour clean The cloth is tapped on the place where there is a mark.

4, Ball-point pen printing: Do not rush to put the clothes into the water, wash the washed parts with gasoline and then wash.

 In order not to affect the appearance, the jade lanyard can be replaced after a long time, and the replacement method is very simple.

1. The heads of the two ropes are burned with a lighter. The cockroaches are not solidified. The rope is tipped and passed through the hole of the jade.

2. Turn the rope on the right to the top and bend to the left. Then the rope on the left presses the rope on the right, goes around, and passes through the hole that the right rope bends. Tighten the two ropes.

3. If you feel that it is not tight, you can repeat the third step, then cut the rope on both sides, leaving a small paragraph, do not cut too bald. Then use a lighter to burn it, melt it and stick it there.
If you have other ways to decontaminate your lanyard, please feel free to email me or leave a message.

The mobile phone lanyard is very practical in real life, and the beauty can highlight its own personality.

I like the cute lanyards ? This is a picture of my favorite lanyard and lanyard keychain.

cute lanyards

What kind of neck lanyard do you like? Cute lanyards? Pretty lanyards? Still a practical silicone lanyards? Or bling bling sparkly lanyards?

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