How do we choose a resin zipper lanyard?


Published by Yixing (HongKong) Industrial Co., Ltd June 30,2019

Our common zipper lanyard, the commonly used zipper type is a resin zipper. The resin zipper lanyard is a type of zipper. The teeth are color-coded with polyester plastic and dyed through an injection molding machine.

zipper lanyard
1.) There are two types of resin zipper lanyards, one is a separate resin zipper lanyard, and the other is a zippered tooth next to a polyester tape.
2.) The zipper head commonly used for zippers and lanyards is a logo of the material of silicone. Sometimes it is also made of metal plating or baking.
3. )The resin zipper is based on acetal copolymer, and the zipper lanyard of resin material is very durable.
So how do we choose a resin zipper lanyard?

A. Restriction code selection of resin zipper: The upper and lower ends must be fastened to the microphone teeth or clamped on the microphone teeth, which must be guaranteed to be strong and perfect.
B. resin zipper pull head selection: resin zipper pull head more style, the finished product can be small and detailed, but also rough and majestic. However, no matter what kind of slider, it is necessary to feel whether the pull of the slider is free, and whether the zipper can not be pulled or closed. The resin sliders currently on the market are equipped with self-locking devices, so after pulling the zipper, it is necessary to check whether the zipper will slide down when the lower lock is fixed.
C. Selection of cloth belt: Since the raw materials of the resin zipper lanyard tape are composed of different kinds of silk threads such as polyester thread, stitching and core thread, the components and coloring properties are different, so it is easy to be on the same zipper. The color difference is generated. At this time, when the tape is selected, the dyeing is uniform, and there is no turbidity point. The cloth tape made of different fabrics is mainly soft to the touch.
D. The choice of microphone teeth: resin zipper lanyard metal microphone teeth are also electroplated, so you must pay attention to whether the surface plating is uniform, there is no color flower phenomenon, whether the zipper pulls down smoothly. After the zipper is pulled, it must be observed whether the left and right teeth are engaged with each other. The asymmetric zipper teeth will definitely affect the use of the zipper lanyard.

resin zipper lanyard
Introduction of zipper lanyard:

Size: zipper lanyard is customizable in length, general regular size: 90cm long, 5.5mm or 90cm*#5. (resin zipper model)

2. Accessories: General accessories include metal dog buckles, ID holders, metal buckles, plastic buckles, buckles, safety buckles, aircraft buckles, mobile phone cord buckles, etc.

3. Pull-tab logo customization: any custom logo, the logo on the pull-tab needs to be customized, the general zipper lanyard, etc. will require the text and pattern to be promoted.

4. Lanyard logo printing process: The lanyard can print text or company LOGO. The conventional process can be basically divided into: transfer, silk screen, jacquard three

5. Lanyard material: resin teeth and polyester cloth belt;

6. Ribbon color generally has red, blue, black, yellow, white, gray, purple, green and other color choices! Special colors can also be customized according to the different needs of each guest.

7. MOQ: 1000 pieces / design; (free design draft)

8. A wide range of lanyards: electronic U disk, bank U shield, employee badge, exhibition card, mini stereo, mobile phone, flashlight, work card, ballpoint pen, tag, sling, luggage strap, all products that need to be convenient to carry and many more.custom zipper lanyard

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