What is silk screen? What is the silkscreen lanyard?


Published by Yixing (HongKong) Industrial Co., Ltd June 30,2019

Silk screen printing is the most common method used to print LOGO in the production of lanyard printing! Generally, the ID card holder lanyards for work we use are all screen printing LOGO. The effect of silk screen printing is simple and clear, LOGO is clear and relatively low cost. Here are some simple introductions to silk screen!

       1. What is silk screen? What is the silkscreen lanyard?

       Silk screen printing is stencil printing, which is called four printing methods together with lithography, embossing and gravure printing. The stencil printing includes a stencil, a stencil, a spray, and a screen printing. The principle of stencil printing is: the printing plate (the aperture of the paper plate or other plate is made through the ink). At the time of printing, the ink is transferred to the substrate through the hole of the stencil through a certain pressure (paper, ceramics, etc.) forming an image or text. The most convenient stencil printing was written in the late 19th century. This type of printing is made on a special stencil paper, which is made into a stencil graphic version by a typewriter or a stylus. The stencil printing is carried out with an ink roller, and the desired printing effect can be obtained on the substrate. In stencil printing, the most widely used is screen printing.

silkscreen lanyard picture show:silkscreen lanyard

       2. The advantages of silk screen:

       Screen printing is not limited by the size and shape of the substrate. It can be printed on shaped and uneven surfaces of different shapes. -- The layout is soft and flexible, and it is the one with the least printing pressure.
       The screen printing method has a thick ink and strong adhesion. The printing thickness can reach 30-100μm, the hiding power of the ink is particularly strong, and the printed graphic has a strong stereoscopic effect, which is incomparable to other printing methods (the thickness of the ink layer can also be controlled). --Applicable to all types of inks: It has strong adaptability and can be applied to any kind of coating for printing. It can be used in various inks such as oil, water, synthetic resin and powder. As long as the ink and paint that can pass through the mesh fineness of the screen can be used. It can be printed in monochrome, or it can be color-printed and screened for color printing.

Its light resistance is strong: it can put light-resistant pigments and fluorescent pigments into the ink in a simple way, so that the graphic of the printed matter can be kept warm for a long time without being affected by temperature and sunlight, and even can be illuminated at night. And the plate making is convenient, the price is cheap, the printing method is flexible and diverse, and the technology is easy to grasp.

      3. Silk screen process

        Drawing - Drafting → Bottom → Screen Edition → Printing → Development → Drying → Printing → Drying → Finished Product Inspection → Printed matter.

Product Description for making lanyards printing:

1.Item: silkscreen lanyard

2.Available Material: Polyester tape (Nylon, Satin, Eco-friendly material)

Available Material

3.Available Size: 90cm length and 1cm/1.2cm/1.5cm/2.0cm/2.5cm/3.0cm width (Customized as requested)

4.Color: Pantone color as requested

lanyard color

5.Logo Printing: silkscreen printing

6.Other printing: heat-transfer printing(sublimation printing),jacquard printing and woven, etc.

7. Lanyard Accessories: Bulldog chip, key ring, D hook, lobster claw, badge holder, release buckle, cell phone loop, compass, bottle opener etc. 

lanyard accessories

8.Usage: ID card, cell phone, badge, whistle, keychain etc. 

9.MOQ:1000pcs per color(small trial order acceptable)

10.Production Capacity: 50,000pcs per day

11.Delivery time: 7-9 workdays depend on your quatity

12.Sample time : 1-3 days from stock, 4-6 days from sample production

13.Charge : Free stock samples, but shipping cost prepaid by the buyer

14.Payment Terms: T/T, L/C at sight, PayPal, Western Union

15.Package: 100-200pcs/polybag, 10-20bags/carton or as requested

16.Shipping Method: By sea, by air or door to door express delivery (DHL, FedEx, UPS etc.)

17.Service: OEM and ODM available

lanyard printing type:

lanyard type

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