What is the difference between a mobile phone lanyard and a badge lanyard?


Published by Welcome to Yixing (HongKong) Industrial Co.,Ltd August 12,2022

      Quality is the source of life for an enterprise to seek development, innovation and innovation make us move forward! We can plan and tailor the required products for customers according to the needs of customers, and print different logos. Give you the most reasonable price and the best service. So what is the difference between a mobile phone lanyard and a badge lanyard?
In addition to being used in mobile phones, lanyards are also widely used in business, the most important of which is our work-brand lanyard. Our work card lanyards usually have a width of 12mm and 16mm. 20mm, 25mm, etc.

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      As the company's work card certificate lanyard, many companies will print the company logo on the lanyard. This type of lanyard is also mainly made of nylon as the main material. Compared with mobile phone ropes, this type of lanyard needs to be more cautious, whether in terms of color or design. They need to sort out a highly consistent style to do it, which fully reflects the consistency and organization of the company's management. At the same time, because of the seriousness of the work, it is not suitable for fancy colors and pictures in design.

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       YYX specializes in customizing all kinds of badges, badge lanyards, leather card sets, card sets, badge sets, brand sets, U disk lanyards, work card sets, work cards, work card lanyards, exhibition lanyards, ID card lanyards, factory Brand lanyards, matching lanyards for digital products and electronic products, thermal transfer lanyards, etc., can be used by both men and women. More than ten years of experience, to ensure the production of high-quality lanyards.

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