Custom made lanyards color and accessories with tips?


Published by Welcome to Yixing (HongKong) Industrial Co.,Ltd May 10,2024

A. Color matching suggestions for ID lanyards on various occasions

"The ID lanyard is suitable for all occasions, such as conferences, exhibitions, work, promotions, etc., and the color of the lanyard used for each occasion.Also make a distinction, then let's explain to you the suggestions for the color matching of the lanyard in various occasions.

1).Promotional lanyard color matching: For example, some units will advertise on the lanyard when engaging in large-scale promotional activities, and now people and guests may wear small gifts. The color of these lanyards must be choose bright and eye-catching colors such as "yellow, orange, fluorescent green and red." logo and certificate lanyard color matching: For example, if the LOGO is colorful, it is recommended to select a background color that is not colliding with the LOGO and the text color (same or close) to highlight the LOGO display.

3).Conference certificate custom made lanyards color matching: If it is a large conference, the number of people is large, and it can be divided into several colors: the person who speaks on the stage is a color, the media person is a color, and the foreign guests are one color.
The staff is one color, the other person is a color, etc. According to the classification of such lanyard color, the personnel can be quickly distinguished.Of course, this proposal can also be used in large companies, large companies, different departments, different color ribbons, or different employee positions, different color combinations. This will not only quickly identify the job, but also avoid some grievances.

4).Corporate image lanyard color matching: many companies have their own image specification color, the red ribbon white logo is lower than the remove before flight lanyard, the Swedish SD lanyard is dark blue colorful logo, the pilot lanyard is black ribbon, white and yellow logo, DHL lanyard is yellow ribbon red logo, etc. The bottom of the lanyard color natural can also use its own standard color.

B. Advice on the accessories of the id lanyard in various occasions:

"The matching of the custom made lanyards in addition to the color needs to be understood, and the accessories used for the lanyard need to be used just right. What kind of occasions need to be matched to bring comfort, convenience or their good helper. Then next Let me explain to you the advice of the lanyard lanyard in various occasions.

Custom made lanyards accessories

1. If the business lanyard or meeting lanyard: can be relatively simple, the ribbon material accessories with a comfortable lanyard. Therefore, only 1pcs metal hook can be considered as an accessory for the id lanyard.
If you need to swipe your ID to verify the identity of the company, consider the lanyard accessory is an retractable badge reel​. (retractable badge reel
can also be customized logo)

2. If it is a large event, or a concert, consider using 2pcs metal lobster hook and id card holder.

3. If it is a custom made lanyards of a nurse or doctor's occupation, you can consider using a plastic hook or a removable plastic buckle .

4. If it is a bar, KTV, catering, etc., you can add a zinc alloy opener to the lanyard accessories. (can also be given as a gift to guests)

5. If you need to wear a lanyard on your phone, you need to add a cellphone loop  accessory.

6. If it is a coach lanyard, you can add a whistle at the metal lobster hook at the end.

custom made lanyards

Custom made lanyards color or accessories:

In the above case, how to use the lanyard color or lanyard accessories with suggestions. I hope to give you a good reference when customizing the lanyard. The id lanyard represents a kind of work attitude and spirit, so it is necessary to match the color according to the occasion and play the role of custom made lanyards. The collocation of lanyard accessories is a great feature that is a consideration for you or others. " 

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