Classification and application of silk screen lanyard


Published by Welcome to Yixing (HongKong) Industrial Co.,Ltd December 06,2022

Silk-screen ink lanyard is the most traditional and most extensive main expression method in the processing technology of ribbon LOGO. Silk-screen ink LOGO is to print the printing ink on the surface of the ribbon according to the ink. The LOGO printed on the package has a significant sense of hierarchy, strong sense of hierarchy, high picture quality and good adhesion. The characteristic of screen printing ink is that the printing ink is firmly absorbed on the surface of the webbing, and it is not easy to penetrate into the webbing. Although ink printing can be used for solid color packaging printing, it can also carry out multi-color overprinting or color gradient packaging printing in business outlets. The more shades the packaging prints, the higher the cost.
The production process of screen printing ink lanyard: first select the lanyard you like, and then pour the printing ink on one end of the screen printing plate when printing according to the package, and use a squeegee to increase the printing ink position on the screen printing plate A certain amount of work pressure, while moving towards the other end of the screen plate. During the movement, the printing ink is squeezed by the scraper from the mesh of a part of the text onto the printed matter. This type of production method printing ink is attached to the textile above. As a result, there will be a strong sense of printing ink, and large-scale packaging and printing will make the webbing feel hard. The disadvantages of such lanyards depend on the bright colors. The LOGO stands out prominently. The disadvantage is that if the adhesion of the textile is not strong enough, it is very easy to fall off, especially in the case of water washing or scraping.
lanyard neck strap
At this stage, the screen printing ink lanyards are generally loved by all countries in the world, and the spacing of the silk-screen ink lanyards is 2.0cm wide, and some people who prefer smaller ones will use the 1.5cm wide specification. Due to the limitation of the screen printing process, the screen printing ink pattern design cannot be printed on the upper side. It is stipulated that there should be 2mm vacancies on both sides of the webbing, and the total width of the screen printing ink pattern design is smaller than the total width of the webbing. A common webbing diameter is 90cm long (the webbing is 45cm long when folded).

General screen printing ink lanyards can be divided into mobile phone lanyards, U disk lanyards, MP3 lanyards, work lanyards, exhibition lanyards, valid ID card ropes, label work card lanyards, admission card lanyards, visiting and inspection Access to lanyards and more. The content of the screen printing ink can be the name of the company, the website address, the key contact number, the well-known brand of the product, the slogan, the slogan, or the LOGO of the name of the sports competition, tour concert, business event, party event, etc. Polyester fabric is the most versatile and fashionable material for the webbing of lanyards. At present, whether in China or overseas, more than 90% of the lanyard webbings on the market are made of polyester fabrics. In addition to polyester fabric, the raw materials of webbing include polyester, pure cotton, recycled PET or bamboo charcoal fiber and other raw materials.

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