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Cooperation with Romanian“Borealy”Amazon promotion & gifts shop customers


Published by Yixing (HongKong) Industrial Co., Ltd June 14,2019

"Borealy" is a big online promotion & gifts shop from Romania, and have a presence in EU and NA. They offer jewelry, pen, watch, wallet, necklace, ring, badge well as they can do for promotion & gifts purpose. 

On Nov 26, 2016, at that day, Mr. Eugen sent us a inquiry on badge holder lanyard. And I got the point it is the first time he want to start a lanyard project, and put this product on his Amazon online shop. Thus, considering lanyard is a new product for him, we sent him a detailed catalog for the customer to choose the style they like. Not too long time, we send him a few samples for the customer want have a real sample in hands to see the quality. After that, I had kept in touch with Mr. Eugen 1 or 2 times each week to learn if there is any other request from them. 

Since this lanyard will be sold on Amazon, I spend a few days to learn the requirements and restriction clause of online products on Amazon, and keep communication with Mr. Eugen to help them complete a set products including both lanyard and badge holder, 5 sets, 10 sets and 20 sets as three different package along with different designed label. Mr. Eugen once told me the truth that our factory wasn't the cheapest supplier, but the only one who willing help them to start a new project, do what him want, and help them achieve every idea and design from the very beginning, they are so appreciated it!

Finally, before the Christmas Day 2016, Mr Eugen confirmed the order total 10,000 pieces lanyards and 20,000 pieces badge holders, and this was the beginning between us, both us trust there will be a long cooperation in the future!