metal keychain

metal keychain

Self Defense Personal Alarm Keychain

Self Defense Personal Alarm Keychain

Product Specification:
  • Item Name: Self Defense Personal Alarm Keychain
  • Size: 64*40*21.5mm
  • Color: 8 colors available
  • Shape: Oval
  • Volume: 130DB
  • Net Weight: 40g/piece
  • Type: Key Chain
  • Usage: Promotion Gift, self defense, SOS
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Self Defense Personal Alarm Keychain parameters:


Item Name

Self Defense Personal Alarm Keychain




8 colors available





Net Weight



Key Chain


Promotion Gift, self defense, SOS


Custom Logo(printing or laser engrave logo)


Paper box per piece


Self Defense Personal Alarm Keychain


What do you do when you’re in danger while walking on the street or using public transit and find yourself are alone? Depending on the situation, it may not be easy to defend yourself physically or call for help.

That’s why a number of personal protection devices have been developed to keep people safer in situations where it’s hard to call for help or fight back. These devices, such as pepper spray, tasers, and expandable batons, are innovative and easy to use, making it easier for people to feel safe no matter where they are.

A personal alarm is a newer solution to personal safety. Once you press the button on the keychain-sized device, the piercing alarm sounds hundreds of feet away. Not only are personal alarms varied in features and functionality, but they’re also legal in every state, unlike other personal defense items.

Personal alarms can be used to alert the people around you that you’re in danger. And most are loud enough to disorient attackers, allowing you to get away safely.


Self Defense Personal Alarm Keychain


Self Defense Personal Alarm Keychain emergency siren

This alarm comes in a pack of six, so you can share with friends and family or use them for different outfits and bags. Activating this 140-decibel alarm will have any attacker clutching their ears in hopes of keeping out the screeching sound. This gives you enough time to run to safety or defend yourself.

This alarm is powered by three AG13/LR44 batteries. The batteries can power the alarm for 50 minutes, more than enough time to call for help from several miles away. When the alarm is not in use, these batteries give the alarm a battery life of over one year. You will only need to change the batteries once a year.

The device is encased in ABS plastic to prevent people from breaking the alarm. This protects the alarm against falls, getting crushed, or even exposure to high temperatures.


Self Defense Personal Alarm Keychain

Self Defense Personal Alarm Keychain

Packing: Paper box per piece or custom packaging, 200pcs/carton

Shipping: By air express or sea shipping, depends on customer's needs

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