Bottle opener keychain

Bottle opener keychain

Custom Round Keychain Bottle Opener
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Custom Round Keychain Bottle Opener

Product Specification:
  • Item Name: Mini Bottle Opener Key Chain
  • Material: YYX-JE208
  • Color: Silver.
  • Usage: Keychain, bottle opener, Promotion gift
  • Size: 84mm*33mm
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  1. Product Details

Round Keychain Bottle Opener Product parameter:


 Item Name

 Round Keychain Bottle Opener


 Zinc alloy




 High quality with competitive price


 Keychain, bottle opener, Promotion gift




 Promotion / Gifts / Art / Collectible




What is Round Keychain Bottle Opener


Traditional bottle openers are mainly represented by plastic manual bottle openers. The shortcomings of this bottle opener are obvious:

1. Strenuous;
2. Not suitable for ladies and children;
3. Foreign officials are not beautiful;

Yiyixing Round Keychain Bottle Opener, this generation of corkscrews began to have diversified functions, easy to use and labor-saving, for example, a knife appeared in the stainless steel corkscrew, which played a role in cutting tin foil.


The metal bottle opener began to use the principle of leverage to achieve the effect of convenience and effort.

The breakthrough of this generation of corkscrew lies in the emergence of the prototype of the third generation of pneumatic and electric corkscrews, laying the foundation for the third generation of pneumatic and electric corkscrews.


The advantages of yiyixing stainless steel bottle opener are also obvious. Firstly, it gets rid of the laborious shortcomings of traditional open-closers, and can be used for a long time. The stainless steel multifunctional bottle opener is difficult to damage during use; the metal bottle opener uses some physical Principle, although the product is bulky and clumsy. However, pneumatic and electric bottle openers are technically immature and unsightly in appearance.


Custom Round Keychain Bottle Opener Uses


Round Keychain Bottle Opener is a time-saving and labor-saving tool for opening beer. Just point the head of the bottle opener to the bottle cap and lift it up with a little force, and the bottle cap will fall off. It is not only convenient to carry with you, but also easy to operate.


Round Keychain Bottle Opener is mainly composed of a handle and long (short) feet. It works far away with the help of leverage, which makes it easy to pry open the beer cap. Now the beer bottle opener style is also very chic, hanging on the key to carry, with no different from decorations.


Round Keychain Bottle Opener uses the principle of physics, with the help of the strength of our human body, but still need to remind: in the use of Beer Opener, we must pay attention to safety, to prevent some human accidents.


When opening the bottle cap, the face must be far away from the position of the bottle cap. The force of the bottle opener will make the bottle cap pop up, which is easy to cause the bottle cap to bounce and hurt our skin. It is also necessary to avoid the phenomenon of excessive hand strength and beer bottle cracking. Therefore, it is safe to use the bottle opener and drink beer happily.


Drink beer to enjoy that kind of pleasure, to drive away the hot and dry feeling of summer, it is better to drink cold beer.


How to buy Custom Round Keychain Bottle Opener:


Yixing (Hong Kong) Industrial Co., Ltd. is a professional, high-quality Round Keychain Bottle Opener manufacturing plant with advanced and professional production lines and testing equipment.


Focus on the design and production of Round Keychain Bottle Opener, and have established long-term business partnerships with many well-known domestic and foreign brands. Based on 12 years of experience in the production of Round Keychain Bottle Opener, our products are highly praised and recognized by customers in the fields of clothing, handbags and home decorations.


The main products are customized Round Keychain Bottle Opener, Mini Bottle Opener Key Chain, Stainless steel bottle opener, PVC zippers, lanyard printing, lanyard keychain, fabric wristband, textile key ring, luggage strap, camera belt, ID card holder, retractable badge holder, etc.


At the same time, it also includes various zinc alloy metal hardware accessories for clothing and handbags, such as J hooks, metal hooks, rotatable snao hooks, D-rings, rivets, metal insert buckles, etc.;

New molds for customized logos are also welcome. All products have passed the SGS test, and quality is the soul of an enterprise, so far no complaints about product quality have been received. This is why so many big brands choose Yiyixing.


Custom Round Keychain Bottle Opener FAQ:


Q: Are you a manufacturer for Wholesale cheap custom die casting silver compass keychain beer bottle opener?

A: Yes, we have our own factory in Shenzhen. 


Q: Do you have factory audit?

A: And we have Assessment Supplier Report(No.: 7302706_P+T) issued by TüV Rheinland.


Q: What's your best price? 

A: We will quote you best price of Wholesale cheap custom die casting silver compass keychain beer bottle opener according to your quantity, so when you make an inquiry, please let us know the quantity you want. 


Q: And what is payment method you can accept?

A: We can accept payment via T/T, PayPal, Western Union.


Q: What's your MOQ? 
A: For Wholesale cheap custom die casting silver compass keychain beer bottle opener , MOQ is 1000pcs per design. 


Q: Can I mix styles and colors?

A: Mix styles and colors accepted for large order. 


Q: Can we customize color and size and tape with our own logo?

A: Yes, customized color and size are ok, and we can make your logo and design on the product, but usually the mold cost needed for small orders.


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